Since 1981 The Venny team have been the guardians of your playground and caretakers of your children’s experiences. Providing a supervised backyard where kids have freedom to explore, play and express themselves. The Venny team are woven into the lives of the families and communities and Kensington. Deeply connected and there when needed, bringing the rhythms and rituals of a home.

“I know it’s not home, but it feels like home. It’s got everything you need.”

We provide a range of prevention and early intervention play based education and support programs within a therapeutic environment made up of trees, plants, vegetables, food, water, fire, sand, earth and animals. Kids who grew up with The Venny now bring their kids here, we are an extended family.

“The people here know how to make you feel happy. They encourage me and I can always talk to someone.”

We value the volunteers and community members who have, and continue to, contribute to The Venny. Thank you to all who have shared their stories and support for The Venny Inc in preparing our submission to the City of Melbourne to continue to operate The Venny at the Kensington Adventure Playground.

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