• Fertilizing The Venny!

    Minor Capital Works Project

    Thanks to City of Melbourne and Gandel Philanthropy's generous contributions, a group of young people at The Venny have been given the chance to collaborate with Giant Grass to create a brand new play space!
    This project will be developed through a series of workshops where the young people will help design and build a new creation for everyone to play on! The young people are from The Venny, St Josephs’s Flexible Learning Centre, Kensington Community High School and Mount Alexander College.
    Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal of the new play space!


    Many people contribute to keeping The Venny serving the children and families of Kensington. Thank-you! If you'd like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us.  And if you'd like to donate you can through GiveNow or contact us directly.

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    At The Venny kids can crawl through tunnels, play with animals, walk on stilts, hide in castles, jump on trampolines, dig in the veggie patch, cook a nutritious meal, climb trees and sing at the tops of their voices. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s messy and it’s a little bit chaotic, but it’s exactly what childhood should be.