Food Security: 

The Venny provides 375 to 400 nutritious meals and snacks to children per week. Food parcels are provided to 27 children weekly, these parcels assist children to go to school with a healthy lunch.

Other programs offered at The Venny: 

Environmental, Education and garden programs

Tuning into Kids

Permaculture Program

School Class Group Programs

University Site Visits and Presentations

Circus skills and Performance Projects

Puppetry and Performance Projects

Youth Music Project

Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Story Telling

Cooking Classes

Women’s Refuge Program (play sessions for mothers and children in a safe environment)

Access visits for Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) and DHHS Supported Clients

Access visits for Disability Support programs

Self Care Programs

Cyber Safety and Education

The Venny is a integral part of the local community support network. It supports and works closely with a wide range of organisations.