Hello everyone!

What happens in an Online Play Session?

When you connect to the play session, you will enter a chat room that is always run by Venny staff. We ask you to sign your name (as we all do in The Venny every time we come to hang out) in the comment/chat section to let us know who is there (remember to include your brothers and sisters that might be there with you!) If you do not wish to use your video, but would rather just listen instead that is totally ok! All we ask, is that you let us know who you are through the chat option or just call out and say hi! This means we can keep everyone safe and let others know who is online together! If you ever have any problems with this, or if we are unsure of a number that has called in, a Venny staff member will be there to help and open a sperate chat with you to work it all out!

Once we are all in the session; we have fun! We can talk about how we are feeling, show each other where we are, do magic tricks, dance, sing, play games and give suggestions for things we might want to do in future sessions. We REALLY want to know how you would like to use this time because just like The Venny building, this online platform will be YOUR SPACE. This is an area for kids to play in a new way, and although the tramp, the nest, the basketball hoops and the bikes are not available at the moment, we can find lots of things to do together from our own homes!


Ok, let’s go!!

Please go to our Facebook or Instagram page for updates about the sessions or to give us feedback and ask questions. We are still learning all the possibilities at the moment, so as time goes on, we hope to have special guests, breakout rooms for different activities and lots more group games to come. Watch this space!!

If you have not already gotten a link to these sessions or are new to The Venny, please email us on, or contact us via Facebook or Instagram so we can assist with this.

Creating a free ZOOM account:

You can access Venny online with-out a zoom account but it can be faster to come play regularly if you have one.

step 1: Visit Zoom

step 2: select sign in with google (create a google account first if you do not have one, visit here.

step 3: once you log in it will ask you if you want to create an account, click create

step 4: Your profile has been created, you can set up your profile how you wish and join meetings with this account from now on.


ZOOM Recording feature:

Zoom has a recording feature that allows a person or group to record the full session or a section of the session. If a child or young person wishes to record, they will need to ask the host for permission to do so. If the Venny wishes to record a session we will firstly ask for your consent.

The Venny wants to encourage online play and may want to record certain moments of the play sessions so that we can share this with the wider community and promote play online during this time where play outside may not be an option for some young people and thier families. Just like at the venny when we take pictures of cooking, arts & crafts and singing we hope to also capture some of the magical moments that may come up while we are playing online.

Please contact our staff if you wish to have link sent to you so you can view the session