The research on play is conclusive; through play children create their own well-being. May 28 is World Play Day and this year’s theme is ‘Play is a Right’. We invite you to celebrate World Play Day and support The Venny by hosting a play date with your kids, friends or family. Bring them to The Venny on Tuesday afternoon May 28 from 3:30-5:30pm or organise another time/place that suits you!
Whatever you and your play dates would normally spend on a day out can be donated to The Venny via a CrowdRaiser page for your play date.  

Come Play@The Venny Play Date Host Information

What is involved in being a play date host? 

As a play date host you will invite friends and/or family to play on a date you organise. This can be anywhere you like! Come to The Venny, set up a play date at home, or go out somewhere fun! Whatever you do it should be fun and easy for you to organise. 

How do I share information and gather support? 

Before inviting friends, set up your CrowdRaiser page using Give Now. Then you can share the link with your networks and they can donate to your cause.  One you have decided on the play date you wish to create it’s time to invite your dates! Pick up the phone, send emails and share on social media. As well as inviting people to your play date you can encourage other people to become play date hosts.

How do I set up my CrowdRaiser page? 

To start your CrowdRaiser follow these steps.  It should only take 5 mins!

Go to and create a CrowdRaiser page for your play date.

Click on Create CrowdRaiser on the right side of the page. Follow the prompts to create your CrowdRaiser. For an example you can view here

If you get stuck or have any questions please call us at The Venny we are more than happy to help! Or email

Please also share our Facebook Event page or email your networks to inspire other people to be Play Date Hosts or to simply make a donation to Come Play @ The Venny campaign.