It’s the Venny’s 40th Birthday (well, now 41st, but we couldn’t celebrate in 2021)! 🎉

For 40+ years we have been providing a safe and supervised place for children to play. We have changed a lot since we started in 1981, from being only a fire pit and loose parts, to the old Venny building, and now to the wonderful shipping container house we call home.

Over the past 40 years we have built things as well as pulled them down, cooked hundreds of sausage and cheese toasties, Cut and picked all kinds of fruit, played with all kinds of animals (goats, chickens, and ducks to name a few), replaced a few trampoline mats and created hundreds of beautiful paintings and artwork. But The Venny wouldn’t be The Venny without the children and community and we believe it is as much your birthday to celebrate as ours.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us over the past 40 years including funders, volunteers, board members, staff, parents, community, artists, and many many more. But most importantly we want to thank the children over the past 40 years who have helped us build and design The Venny to make it what it is today.

Also, thank you to everyone that celebrated with us at our community event in May 2022.
Here are some photos from this incredible day:

The Venny is a not-for-profit organisation and runs thanks to the support of local government and charitable donations from both organisations and individuals. If you would like to donate to The Venny, please feel free to do so below or contact us here.